Old Testament

Sermon TitleScripture
Looking in the Door Jeremiah 18
7 Admonitions Proverbs 4:23-27
The Lord, Our Reward        Isaiah 52:1-12
Gospel in the Gate     Nehemiah 3
A Father’s Influence          Isaiah 18:19
Asleep in the Storm   Jonah 1
Blessings at Mizpen  I Samuel 7:1-12
Bond for Canaan       Numbers 13:17-23
Break Up the Fallow Ground       Hosea 10:12
Court’s in Session     Isaiah 1:7-22
Daniel’s Decision      Daniel 1
David’s Resume        Psalm 9:1-11
Eagle Christians         Isaiah 40:31
Enter the Gates         Psalm100
God’s Cure for Snake Bite          Numbers 21:1-9
God’s Remedy          II Kings 5:1-15
God‘s Watchman      Ezekiel 33:1-7
Going the Wrong Way     Jonah1
King and the Caippie        II Sam. 9:1-13
Lions in Daniel’s Den        Daniel 6:16-18
One Great Father               Isaiah 6
Rebuilding the Ways of Worsh ip      Neh. 8:1-6
The Greatest Blessings    Gen. 2:7
The Lord My Shepherd  Psalm 23
What Can a Man Learn from an Ant    Proverbs 6:6
Heart of the MatterI Kings 8:37-40
When I see the Blood     Exodus 12:1-13
The Bush Still Burns        Exodus 3:1-5
Those Who Seek the Lord       Isaiah 55:6
David And Goliath 1 Samuel 17: 38-51
Jacob's Journey" Gen. 28

New Testament

The Breaking of the Alabaster BoxMark 14:3-10
HellLuke 16:9-31; Mark 9:47
The Blessings of GodEphesians 1
Keeping the FaithII Timothy 4:7
Moments in the Life of ChristLuke 2:8-14
A Tragic CaseMark 5:1-20
God’s Darling LambJohn  1:29
7 Reasons Lazarus DiedJohn 11:1-16
He Went Away SorrowfulMatt. 19:16-26
When True Light ComesJohn 9:1-7
Christ in the MistRev. 3:30
How to Face the FuturePhil. 3:10-14
7 Ifs of the ResurrectionI Cor. 15:12-19
A Good ExampleLuke 10:25-37
Like the ColtMark 12-1-10
It’s Almost SuppertimeLuke 14:15-24
A Strange Conversion Acts 8
America is in DangerRomans 1:21-32
An Awakening CallEph. 5:14-19
At the Name of JesusPhil. 2:5-11
Come See a ManJohn 4:6-23
God Says UpEph. 5:14-19
Got Any RocksJohn 8:1-12
Hell Has Its Good PointsRev: 20:11-15
No Other But the LordJohn 4:6
On Top of a HillLuke 23:33
Pressing On      Phil. 3:6-14
Shaking Things Up   Acts 4:31-32
All Things New 2 Cor. 5:17
Hearers of the Word Matthew 13:1-9
Fulfilling Your Purpose       2 Timothy 4:6-
Living Bread       John 6:25-36 
Where Were You When The Lights Went Out
Mark 15:15-38
We are like Pumpkins Eph. 1:1-4

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